Ashlee Nova - "How to Make Jello Shots" - UNCENSORED!

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800 MB download: 9:02 video - 1920x1080p | 94 pictures 2000x1333 pixels 

Ashlee Nova is a hot bartender with her own YouTube show where she explains how to make famous cocktails. She's never been naked on the net before, and tinyzips has the exclusive! Her “How to Make Jello Shots” video shoot (understandably) got a little frisky after she served herself most of the batch and some extra Jack Daniels shots, and this is the uncensored footage that never made it to YouTube. 

When she started stretching out like a gymnast on the bar and showing the crew her amazing ass, we all looked at each other like, “start filming again NOW and get out of the way!” The two-song striptease and gallery that resulted give you special access to the naughty side of her that the public hasn't seen. 

“What is extra footage for?” she asked afterward. “Maybe we can make it a zipset,” Malloy said.  Ashlee is new to working with us and this is her first video release. So please support her, and help her make some money so she'll do it all over again!

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