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Back in November of 2013, we shot the “Blonde Assault” video for YouTube and partyallstar (and the uncensored version here).  Since then, we've had loads of site supporters and FSU fans asking “WHAT HAPPENED TO KANDI??!” She only did one awesome movie where she flaunted her booty in daisey dukes, (and her undying support for Jameis Winston,) and then that was it! 

For those that wanted MORE KANDI, this is your day. The video starts with behind the scenes footage taken from a GoPro of Kandi fully nude, bouncing around the house in front of friends and photographers. She then goes in the bathroom and gets sprayed with golden glitter like a slightly scaled back version of the “Garnet and Gold” crazies from Tallahassee. After she's dusted up, the music starts and the video snaps to a cinematic style tour of her body, showing off her athletic stomach, big boobs, shaved pussy, and the pretty feet and round ass that the fans keep talking about. The next segment is a two-angle nude dance. You might call it a striptease, except that she's already naked at the start, so there's zero “stripping” or “teasing”, just the dancing, and a full view of her body. After a break to go harass her friend with sticky gold hands, next comes a shower scene, with Kandi rinsing off the glitter and then rolling around the walk in shower. We've never had a model lick our GoPro before, but Kandi's a creative one. 

This is the perfect follow-up to "Blonde Assault", and the ultimate Kandi video.  She looks a-mazing!

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