Kate Winn - Private Lapdance!

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What would it be like to get a VERY dirty lapdance from Kate Winn? We gave this little lapdance homework assignment to Kate after a shoot, and she delivered an awesome video. 

Kate rubs her pussy along the camera guy's package through his pants, and does her best full-contact grinding to get him hard. She rubs his crotch, kisses his neck, bends over and shows her off her swinging tits, and her cute little bootyhole. She breathes on his cock through his pants and kisses it over the fabric.  Subjected to this, the guy shouldn't be embarrassed if he creamed his jeans immediately. 

Her awesome rack is on full display in this video; too big for her bra, and just-right when they're are swinging loose. You get great view of her shaved pussy and spread cheeks. She rubs her pussy and licks her finger afterward like a very kinky chick.

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