Misty Gates and Janessa Brazil - Binding and Gagging Play!

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Misty's roommate Eduardo has launched his own imprint of raunchy fetish clips, which he calls his Kustom Krimes. If you would like Eduardo to shoot you a kustom video, he asks that you kontact... er, contact him at [email protected] About this video, Eduardo writes: 

Misty Whale Sextape

“This is one of my personal fantasies, as well as the fantasies of Charles, who paid me $1000 to ME, Eduardo, NOT to Misty. She is in it, but Eduardo is the auteur director. ANYWAY, in this video, you see the two goddesses, Janessa Brazil and the Misty Gates, meet naked across a living room on their knees to experiment with a strange game of towel. In this game, Janassa first, because she is the very dominant Brazilian one, grabs her friend who she is very bossy to by her skin and then ties a scarf on her hands and feeds her a white wash cloth bath towel, which represents in this film the apple which the snake tried to feed the first woman and make her disobay the rules, very big time. So Misty is eating the towel and eating the towel and then that's enough at some point, after some kissing. So they switch, and this represents the power that changes between the boss and the bitch all the time in this life. Sometimes the bitch gets their day and gets to become the boss. I think that is VERY sexy. So they kiss and kiss and then they lie down and open their legs which is a sign of submission to the realities of this patriarchal society we live in which is run by the male, in this case the director, me, who likes to see pussy, lots of shaved pussy. As director I look, but I cannot touch, because I am professional, and a Catholic. Very well, now enjoy.”  - Eduardo.

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